Get live cookin’ — your tastebuds deserve it

Always Halal + Always Fresh

We pride ourselves of being 100% zabiha halal. All items are made to order with fresh ingredients. We only serve food we would serve to our families in our own home, because to us you are family.

Chef Mian Amjad

Born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, Chef Mian Amjad is a true Lahori. He walks Punjabi, talks Punjabi, and eats Punjabi. He has been cooking authentic Lahori [Punjabi] cuisine for over 20 years in Houston. He has done it all from being an Executive Chef and catering consultant to restaurateur and food truck owner. Now he is bringing the catering to you with live BBQ.

More Than a Meal

We bring Lahore to you. This isn’t just catering; it’s an experience. We’ll provide the grill, the food, and the second helpings (you know, just in case). Order catering today →